Sunday, July 27, 2008


This is not a confession.

These are icons, ones that I've handpicked.

Look at them carefully, each one is a story.

What do you see? What do you imagine, think of, when you see each one? Which ones inspire you? Which ones bore you? Which ones intrigue you?

Which ones will you remember?

What does it mean to you?


justdpl said...

there is one particular icon that makes my imagination go crazy. it is the second to last one. "i spnt a month there one night."

it makes me wonder... was it so good that it felt like a month or was it so horrible that you never thought it would stop

i like to think that the feelings felt that one night were so good that it felt like it could last forever. it makes me want to feel that way

the picture of the sky with the street lights in it is also rather neat

the other ones don't really affect me at all

what do you think delia?

dee said...

i chose them because they all tickle my fancy to some extent, so it's hard to pick a favorite of the bunch, but i think that i particularly like the last one in the second row ("after a day, we fell into a rhythm as inexplicable as love itself").

i'm a romantic, so i guess anything with the wod "love" sort of catches my attention, but that sentence just seems like such an epic declaration, a nostalgic kind of observation that isn't quite happy or sad, but speaks volumes of devotion.

(and i agree about the one you liked, justin, it was the first one i picked because it just spurs your imagination, doesn't it?)