Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Confession Number Thirty-Seven

I must confess...

...that when I watched this:

I started thinking about my own second grade experiance. And the first memory I remember is that Justin and I weren't in the same class. We were in the same class in first grade, you see, and we were like, best friends forever.

I think that I saw Justin's class going to lunch or recess or something, and my class's line passed his class's line and I saw him and wanted to wave but didn't while feeling sort of alone and sad.

This, of course, passed as the year went on because I had (and still have) a short attention span, and so I got over it pretty quick and made new friends.

Still, Justin, you broke my heart. :P

(I'm thinking about giving this blog a makeover soon, in terms of the layout and stuff. Stay tuned.)


justdpl said...

aww! i remember too! you were on vacation or something for like the first two or so weeks of school and i thought, "wheres delia?"

we must have been so cute together when we were young

dee said...

i know! i was so lost when i came back, and no one i knew was in my class! D:

we were adorable. it's a fact.