Monday, July 14, 2008

Confession Number Thirty-Six

I must confess...
... that I am in LOVE with Justine Ezarik, otherwise known as iJustine in the internet world. She is like everything I want to be but more.

She is the internet, and says so herself. She has a blog, a channel, a youtube channel, a myspace, a facebook fan page, a twitter, and even a second beta website.

She is a freelance graphic and web designer and video editor. Just about everything I want to be! But there is one thing about her that I absolutely adore...


She is a freaking consultant on Macbreak, a podcast all about Apple products. Not only that, but she recieved international news coverage when she made a video about recieving a 300 paged iPhone bill from AT&T. She rocks.

I would love to be an Apple Fanatic. But it would be useless to turn into an Apple lover right now because all of the computers in my house are Windows-based. But I want SO BAD to have a Macbook and an iPhone and an Apple TV and an iMac and just everything Apple!

Oh, and the fact that she drew the Twitter Fail Whale in the sand on the beech just makes my heart palpitate.

I love iJustine. She is my idol.

(I'm tempted to invite her to the league of internet whores. )


dee said...


Oh Justin, you're such an internet whore. I love it. It's the way of the future. :D

And I agree, she's totally fabulous; and isn't that like a otal dream career? Being a freelance designer and everything.

justdpl said...

Yes! Being a freelance designer would be awesome, but I might be leaning towards something else. We'll see where life take me.

dee said...

omg, also, how gorgeous are her nails? totally gorgeous, i can't even get over it.