Friday, August 29, 2008

Confession Number Fifty-Two

I must confess...

... that I am officially POed with the choice McCain has made for VP!

First of all, I'm sure that one of the main reasons he chose Sarah Palin as a running mate is because she is a woman! McCain thinks that by choosing a woman he will steal the votes of the disgruntled Hillary voters. This is a ridiculous idea because if a 16 year old male is able to realize this, most middle-aged women (the primary age group of Hillay's supporters) will be able to too.

The energy policies of the two just make me cringe! Palin is all about drilling oil. As Governor of Alaska, she wants to promote drilling to make her state more money (it's sad that money overpowers morals). In 2008, she also rejected the declaration of polar bears as an endangered species. Why? So it wouldn't hamper her plans to drill oil.

For this part, I'm just going to tell you her stance with no opinion because I don't want people to get too riled up: She is pro-life.

Not to mention an ethics investigation where Palin fired the state Public Commissioner Walt Monegan. Supposedly, she fired him because he refused to fire her former brother-in-law, a state trooper, who is in a custody battle with her younger sister.

To wrap it up, I still would love to see Ron Paul make a super, amazing, miraculous comeback and win the election through write-ins!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Confession Number Fifty-One

I must confess...

...that I found the most amusing thing ever this morning.

Apparently in the 70s, DC Comics published a "Super Dictionary" for children. The following are scans from that book, courtesy of Google Images and scans_daily.

What a smartass oracle, huh?

lmao, "The last people who complained were sorry." Oh, Flash.

It's so hard to choose a favorite out of all of these, but this is definitely in the top five. "That's as many as four tens. And that's terrible." I need reasons to say that in real life. Suggestions, please. XD

Why does the Green Lantern have a duck? I AM PERPLEXED.


Did Superman just decide, "Hey, I'm going to take off my boots mid-flight"?? He looks so surprised, and he's actually falling, WTF CLARK?


LMAO, "I hurt my own body."


Suggestions for this one too. Give me plausible situations in which I may use this; I'll love you forever.

(Btw, in case you aren't familiar with the conjuction 'I'll', here's Batgirl and Robin to elaborate:)

(p.s. You don't have any powers, Batgirl.)


And the crown gem of this entire thing...

Why so seizure, Batman?

So, this is going on my Christmas list. I want a copy of this book so badly. I'm considering teaching my future children with this book.


Saturday, August 16, 2008

Confession Number Fifty

I must confess...

... that I have stooped to a new low.

While at work one day, I got extremely bored. And I found that the cure to my boredom was to draw a comic.

Oh, don't fret Justin! Everyone draws comics every now-and-then!

But these comics were a bit different... I'd like to title it "The Miley Crysus" (note the spelling! clever!)

Click for Full Resolution

Now you have permission to point and laugh!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Confession Number Forty-Nine

I must confess...

... that I am just now starting my summer reading for AP European History.

I have already read the book for English class which I found very strange, peculiar, and, at the same time, a good story. And guess what! I read the whole book at my extremely boring job. On days when I would sit outside for four hours doing nothing, I would read the book. After about two and a half weeks of reading at work, I finished it! Didn't even have to crack it open at home! Oh shoot, but there are still questions I should answer about the book.

My AP European History reading isn't too horribly much to read. It is only about 70 pages or two chapters. And surprisingly, I'm enjoying finally getting to learn again!

I can see the headlines already!

Yeah. Shut your mouth and make yourself more intelligent by enjoying it too. I think one reason why I am enjoying learning again is because of my workplace. I see so many people that appear to be uneducated and I feel like they're drawing me down to that level.

School starts in about one and a half weeks... (I'm kinda excited!)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Confession Number Forty-Eight

I must confess...

... that I had the strangest dream last night. I'm sure I've had many strange dreams in the past but have forgotten. However, I vividly remember this one!

I do not remember how this dream started out, but somehow I was with the Jonas Brothers. They were at a concert pavilion close to where I live. I met them and we began to hang out together. (Yeah, Jonas Brothers hanging out with Justin? Not going to happen.)

That isn't the weird part. One of the weirdest things is that we were in the future (The Year 3000?) or something. We were traveling around the world (the Jonas Brothers and I) in this little pod thing that traveled in tubes under the earth.

The reason we were traveling in these little pods around the world is because we were being chased by some military organization. After traveling to many places (I don't remember exactly where) we ended up in a desert that had multiple sand mounds in it. Somehow this military organization had caught up with us even though we went super fast in our travel-pod. They began to shoot at us and we try to take cover with the sand mounds as we tried to make it back to the travel-pod. (I'm about to sound like a huge fanboy...) Nick, Kevin, and I made it to the pod without getting injured. Joe was unlucky and got shot in the leg, but he didn't die. We went over and picked him up and threw him in the pod. We raced back to the concert pavilion in our pod.

The next thing I remember is that there were a lot of people outside of a building I had never seen before at the concert pavilion (I think there was a concert going on). I went and told my friend, Rachel, that I had met the Jonas Brothers and she freaked. From there, I remember going into the new building and going up some steps. As I went in, Nick and Kevin were coming out of a room that had white sheets hanging in it that gave the room an Asian feel. That's where I found Joe Jonas lying in bed still recovering from his injury. I asked him how he was doing and he was fine. His dad was in the room too, and he told me that he didn't want to tell the press because fans would wonder how he got hurt and that would be a whole different story.

This next part is very strange too. It was the middle of the night and I was still in the room. From there, a bunch of people started to show up in the hallway waiting to hook-up with people (if you know what I mean). There were some people that were wearing almost nothing, most likely prostitutes. Mr. Jonas and I had to tell them to go away. (That was a very very strange part of this dream.)

Next thing I know, Joe had recovered and we were at another musician's concert. We were sitting rather far up in the stands in the shadows so no one would notice the Jonas Brothers. That plan failed when two girls noticed them and there was a flood of people and flood of confusion in my mind (meaning I don't know exactly what happened next).

Then, I finally found Mrs. Jonas and she gave me her phone number and told me to call her (?). But the way she gave me her number was very strange. She went number-by-number using tally marks. For Example; the first number was 5 so she wrote IIII (with a cross over them) and then she wrote I for 1 and the last number was 7 (that's a Michigan area code). When she began the rest of her number she said "How many girls are in the Cheetah Girls?" So, I guess she meant 4. But I didn't get the rest of the number.

The last thing I remember is we were in an auditorium-like room and Joe went up on stage and started to play the drums. Then, Nick went up and started playing the piano. I can't remember if Kevin was up there. But I went up there and played the maracas (wth?). The whole song was improvised. Oh yeah, and the carpet on the stage was green.

I have no idea why I remember this so vividly. I remember all of those details.

However, here is a disclaimer: This was my brain in deep REM sleep. No pointing and laughing because this was my brain at work, not my mind (If you know what I mean).

Confession Number Forty-Seven

I must confess...

...that I have the best friends ever. Like, seriously, they're great.

They ambushed me. It was like a strategic attack. I had a pirate hat and frills and a monkey named Jack. There was a batman-floatie, and I got this:

which is now hanging up in my room. I feel like I'm being watched whenever I'm in there but it's weirdly, oddly fantastic.

Again, my friends are great.

My new favorite thing:

Their love is the best. Like, really. I want Iron Man out on DVD, like, yesterday. I want Iron Man 2 a week ago, preferably five minutes after I'd seen the first.

Also, Robert Downey Jr? Officially really really awesome. (There's a mention of Miley Cyrus in the video, just for you, Justin. :D)

"Pepper, we've got to save the planet!"
"Tony, you'll die."


RDJ, why so charming?

Oh, PEE-ESS; this:

makes me really excited for Tropic Thunder. Like, RDJ playing a method-acting Australian who plays a black man? Um, yes, please.

haha, okay, I'm done. I promise.
(for now.)

Friday, August 8, 2008

Confession Number Forty-Six

I must confess...

... that I have been very lazy lately regarding my life on the internet. I think I subconsciously took a break from the internet.

I still stay filled in on the latest info, but I do not post as much content on the web.

However, I believe all of this will change after viewing our recent visitor info thanks to site meter.

Currently, I am editing a video that has to do with 6 Monopoly characters. It will be a short series at the least, but every one's schedules are getting filled as school draws nearer (screw AP reading!).

I apologize for the recent shortage of posts. They come in waves as you can tell.

Maybe Delia will blog a little about her Surprise 16th Birthday Party =)
(I've noticed I've been doing these smiley faces a lot lately: =) )