Sunday, July 20, 2008

Confession Number Forty

I must confess...

... that I absolutely adore and love old people!

Sure, there are those grumpy ones that aren't much fun to be around. However, I haven't met many of them.

I love the older people that are so nice and you can talk to just about anything and they're interested. I guess since they've lived so many years they realize that life doesn't have to go so fast and you can just take some time to talk to someone.

They are all so wise because they've experienced so many different things. They know what to do in certain situations and they are just amazingly awesome.

However, the older people that I adore the most are my grandparents.

They are truly amazing people. They share so much love with us that sometimes I just don't understand. They always love spending time with us.

My mom's parents travel about 45 minutes once a week to spend a day with us and take care of us. I absolutely love them. Even my friend, who has only met them about 3 times loves them.

They bring us food that they spend hours on in their garden. Like, they grow the best corn ever. Not only that, but my grandma makes treats just about every time they see us. They also share the food they grow with friends around their neighborhood.

And they are even more wonderful. There is a sweet, crazy (in a good way) woman about 10 years older than them that lives up the street from them by herself. Do you know what they do? They call each other about twice a day just to talk. My grandpa takes her trash out for her. And my grandma makes her food every now and then and shares their food from their garden with her.

They finally got recognized when they were crowned the first Mr. & Mrs. Insert Town Name Here. They didn't really want the award and my grandpa said, "I'll be glad when this day is over" on the day of the crowning.

Amazingly, awesomely, wonderfully, adorably, lovingly nice is what they are (plus some more adverbs).

I love them.

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