Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Confession Number Thirty-One

I must confess...

... that I have gotten myself a laptop today. Yes, a laptop, all for myself.

I know what you're thinking... "But you're only a Junior in High School!", "You don't need your own computer!" And I would have to agree with you. However, I have wanted my own laptop for awhile now. Originally, I was looking at Macbooks, but I just love my money too much (Sorry Apple, I still love you). Instead, I got myself a Gateway M-1626.

This Gateway is UH-MAZING! It has a 4GB Memory, which is very difficult to find in a laptop at a low price. And... AND... it has a 250GB harddrive! 250! Not to mention, it has one of the best Graphics Cards for a laptop. The only downside is the mousepad, which I can definitely live with because I plan on getting a wireless mouse.

All of this was only $650! Six Hundred and Fifty Dollars! I would have expected something like this to be at least $900.

So, I officialy love it. I will probably use it for the rest of my blogging for a while.


Dee said...

*le sigh* I've been wanting to get a laptop of my own for a while but I don't need it and although it bothers me a lot to have to share the main computer (what can I say, I'm a selfish, selfish internet whore) I guess I can live with it till college.

Your laptop is pretty sweet though.

justdpl said...

i think i might get a macbook when i go to college if this is still running pretty well.