Friday, August 8, 2008

Confession Number Forty-Six

I must confess...

... that I have been very lazy lately regarding my life on the internet. I think I subconsciously took a break from the internet.

I still stay filled in on the latest info, but I do not post as much content on the web.

However, I believe all of this will change after viewing our recent visitor info thanks to site meter.

Currently, I am editing a video that has to do with 6 Monopoly characters. It will be a short series at the least, but every one's schedules are getting filled as school draws nearer (screw AP reading!).

I apologize for the recent shortage of posts. They come in waves as you can tell.

Maybe Delia will blog a little about her Surprise 16th Birthday Party =)
(I've noticed I've been doing these smiley faces a lot lately: =) )

1 comment:

dee said...

same here; i've been super-lazy about the internet. and yes, i need to blog soon.