Thursday, August 14, 2008

Confession Number Forty-Nine

I must confess...

... that I am just now starting my summer reading for AP European History.

I have already read the book for English class which I found very strange, peculiar, and, at the same time, a good story. And guess what! I read the whole book at my extremely boring job. On days when I would sit outside for four hours doing nothing, I would read the book. After about two and a half weeks of reading at work, I finished it! Didn't even have to crack it open at home! Oh shoot, but there are still questions I should answer about the book.

My AP European History reading isn't too horribly much to read. It is only about 70 pages or two chapters. And surprisingly, I'm enjoying finally getting to learn again!

I can see the headlines already!

Yeah. Shut your mouth and make yourself more intelligent by enjoying it too. I think one reason why I am enjoying learning again is because of my workplace. I see so many people that appear to be uneducated and I feel like they're drawing me down to that level.

School starts in about one and a half weeks... (I'm kinda excited!)

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dee said...

Eh, I'm kind of split on how I feel about school starting. I feel like my summer went by way too fast but I do want to get back into the rhythm of school again.