Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Confession Number Forty-Seven

I must confess...

...that I have the best friends ever. Like, seriously, they're great.

They ambushed me. It was like a strategic attack. I had a pirate hat and frills and a monkey named Jack. There was a batman-floatie, and I got this:

which is now hanging up in my room. I feel like I'm being watched whenever I'm in there but it's weirdly, oddly fantastic.

Again, my friends are great.

My new favorite thing:

Their love is the best. Like, really. I want Iron Man out on DVD, like, yesterday. I want Iron Man 2 a week ago, preferably five minutes after I'd seen the first.

Also, Robert Downey Jr? Officially really really awesome. (There's a mention of Miley Cyrus in the video, just for you, Justin. :D)

"Pepper, we've got to save the planet!"
"Tony, you'll die."


RDJ, why so charming?

Oh, PEE-ESS; this:

makes me really excited for Tropic Thunder. Like, RDJ playing a method-acting Australian who plays a black man? Um, yes, please.

haha, okay, I'm done. I promise.
(for now.)


justdpl said...

do you realize that like the first two sentences rhyme?

i thought RDJ was fantastic in Iron Man too! And I can't wait for Tropic Thunder!

still have to get around to watching that vid of him about miley cyrus... i have to run off to work

but yay! another blog! finally!

dee said...

Oh wow, they do rhyme. that was completely unintentional, but it sounds pretty cool so I'll leave it.

RDJ is sort of my new favorite celebrity-type person. I was watching him on Craig Ferguson last night and he's so good at bantering, they only talked about the movie for like a minute before they got off track and started talking about stalking Amy Smart (the next guest on the show) and curlers or something.

tell me when you watch the video because it's hilarious. :D

justdpl said...

i just watched the video... i love it! he's so hilarious! he always knows exactly what to say!

dee said...

I know! And I love that sometimes he'll say something totally stupid and just kind of look off into the distance with a face like, "god, what did i just say" but it's never bad-awkward, but awkward in a sense where he totally knows what he's doing.

Seriously, I might be in love with this man. Or maybe just Tony Stark. I'm not sure; I think I need to see the movie again. :D