Friday, January 18, 2008

Confession Number Nine

I must confess...

... that I am terrified of the generation that is just two years younger than me. Why am I labeling a group of people only two years younger than my generation as their own generation? Because of how drastically different they are from my generation.


Many of these kids dress emo, skater, or preppy. But in each one of those groups, there is a bit of emo because emo is so versatile.

Please don't take offense toward me for calling them emo.
My definition of emo is just a fashion trend,
not an emotional cut-yourself-with-a-razor depressed teenager.

In fact, I love emo. I think emo is cool. I only hint at my love of emo-ness a few times through my outfits. Because I know that if I turned emo, my family would definitely think something is wrong with me (Why do I care about what people think of me? Come on, everyone does, at least a little bit) and I would get many weird looks at school.

Back on topic; I love the awesome emos that are fun and real. But there are a few emos that are very creepy/weird. I don't know if it is because I don't know them or what, but some seem extremely creepy.

People call me weird and creepy all the time,
but they always tell me that it is in a good way,
and I think I know what they're talking about.

Maybe I am just freaking out about this. After all, they are in middle school, and hormones are just starting to go wild. I just don't remember ever being this crazy as a middle schooler.

Back to emos; the majority of emos that I saw tonight were very creepy and weird. In fact, all of the kids were creepy and weird.

I feel bad, because I feel like I am stereotyping. I hope I'm not.
I just want to be clear that most of the time I don't care how you look.
As long as you are (or appear) clean and approachable I will give you a chance.

Oh, and I also saw a guy walk into the girls' restroom with about 3 other girls. But don't worry, my 2 other friends that I was with went in and made sure nothing was going on.

I am worried about these kids.
Mostly because I care about the future and I know their future will affect my future.


Dee said...

oh justin. those kids, they do sort of scare me though. i'm afraid we'll all fade into a drug-induced nation lead by these kids.

it actually is mildly frightening.

justdpl said...

lol! i was thinking the same thing on my way home from the place. i was thinking... wow, i bet in 20 years infants will be dying from alcohol poisoning