Saturday, January 12, 2008

Confession Number Five

I must confess...

...that I just had a major revelation.

No one is right, and everyone is wrong.

That has to be what it is, because if any one person stumbled upon truth, even accidentally; we would feel it, wouldn't we? We would feel it instinctively in the marrow of our bones, in the core of ourselves which have no physical representation but give a very physical lurch.

We are all walking around spouting lies that are, at best, slightly less false than the majority of others. We reason and think and lie and hurt and bleed things that are not blood. We are so clouded on the inside that we even feel the need to twist the simple facts: The man is dead, but we simply need to know why he died and how he died and who was there when he died?

If we can't even accept a simple truth, a fact of life and nature, how can we know the answers to anything else? What is the meaning of life and Where do you go when you die and whywhywhy did this happen to me of all people and wherewherewhere do I go from here.

We ask profound questions and expect to understand. We get simple answers and refuse to accept.

I don't understand;
I accept that.


justdpl said...

wow. that was deep. and i totally understand how no one can ever fully understand (don't you love oxymorons?)

how do you have time to think this complex?

Dee said...

haha, it's because I don't do my homework like I'm supposed to and read and think instead. :)

justdpl said...

ha... i think that should be extra credit points in some class. too bad there isn't a class for just thinking. that would be such an awesome class to have. and i think that a lot of good would come from it.

Dee said...

exactly. if that were a class, we could probably end world hunger or find the cure for the common cold.

we should petition.

justdpl said...

i would totally petition, but then we might get druggies in the class who sit there and think about getting high. or we would get the slackers who can't even do 5 math problems for homework and would rather take a zero. they must first be ruled creative/smart enough to enter the class.