Thursday, January 17, 2008

Confession Number Eight

I must confess...

... that I did not study one bit for my Spanish exam last night. Instead I watched AI. It was much more fun than sitting around looking at Spanish verbs and direct object pronouns. And plus, I got to see this...

I laughed so hard. Especially when Paula started to lip-sync to him. And then she went up there and started to do intense dance moves. This man has such a good spirit. Too bad he didn't make it through. I'm sure we'll be seeing/hearing much more from him.

My Spanish exam wasn't that bad. Except the questions were ridiculously bad questions. Here's one of the questions we had (translated):

It is important to ________ to (at) the elderly.
a. laugh
b. respect.
c. give a gift
d. chat

What a ridiculous question! That question is completely situational. By this I mean that if an old person was looking depressed you would smile at them. Or if an old person were being offended you would respect them. Or if the old person is your grandma, you would give them a gift. And the elderly need to be talked to. All of those answers would be correct.

Here's another:

After the storm passed, the students were _________.
a. brave
b. injured
c. frightened
d. flood

Now I know D is in no way a possible answer. But the others are. If the students had a huge fear of storms and they realized that they made it through their first storm without crying, they would be brave. If the students were outside on a science class field trip to find bugs or dig up dirt, they could have gotten struck by lightening, and then they would be injured. If the students were extremely scared of storms they would probably still be frightened.


Oh, and apparently we had been studying Spanish neighborhoods. APPARENTLY.

My other exams were alright. My drama exam was easy(although I probably missed like 4 out of 60 questions). My math exam was easy, except I totally forgot how to do something we had learned the week before. My chorus exam was super easy. I got a 99% on my Chemistry exam. YAY! And I think I got a B on my APUSH exam, it was a little difficult, but I felt that I did well. I exempted English [ :-) ]


Dee said...

oh god. that is a chinese man in fur and a sparkly cape. oh dear lord, I am scarred. :O

that is why american idol makes me cringe. I really just feel bad for the poor dude.

although paula's dance moves are basically the best thing i've ever seen. :)

justdpl said...

Paula started to do sign language! I'm now in love with her.... but she is far below Celine... and he is Filipino not Chinese... get your Asians right you Chinese woman! just kidding :-)