Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Confession Number Twenty-Six

I must confess...

... that I hate it when people tell me I am too skinny.

I have had at least three people tell me that in the past month. And the thing is, I am not too skinny. I am at a healthy weight. I think that when I get to 15 % below the normal weight for a 6'1" male, you will be able to tell.

If anything, I would rather be skinnier than gain weight. The whole idea of putting on extra fat just does not interest me. In fact, I think the idea is disgusting.

My theory is that the people who tell me I am too skinny are really insecure about their own bodies, and in order to make themselves feel better, they say that someone whose body is normal is too skinny, implying that the body is malnourished. They are really just trying to make themselves feel better about their bodies. I pity them.

Plus, I know the difference between skinny and too skinny.

Too skinny is when a person can be in the fetal position, yet you can still see and count each individual rib on the person. Too skinny is when one must sit on a sweatshirt all the time because it hurts their tailbone to sit directly on a chair. Too skinny is having hip bones that jut out as if they are about to pop out of the body. Too skinny is being able to fit one's hand around one's thigh. This is too skinny:

So please do not tell me I am too skinny.


Dee said...

you're just skinny, but not really too skinny. you're lean and willowy. :)

Cori said...

Those pictures are ew.

Also, you're the one who wrote "anorexic body" on your self-portrait...so. :)

justdpl said...

shoot, i was wrong delia. you didn't change your icon.

Dee said...

of course i didn't.


justdpl said...

i was told again today that i need to gain weight. :-/

Dee said...

you should be heartened by the fact that Cori and I call you obese instead. :D