Thursday, June 12, 2008

Confession Number Twenty-Nine

I must confess...

...that the summer is the time of year that I get all jazzed up about celebs, trends, fashion, and, most of all, nails. The summer is the only time I get to actually care about my nails, since during school, I never have time to fix them up or paint them (excepting for special occasions).

Admittedly, this is also partially due to the fac that I've recently discovered All Lacquered Up, a blog dedicated specifically to nails, which I'm so very into right now.

This summer I've been especially intrigued by the orange nails trend. (Rihanna is sort of amazing. Her skin tone plus that color is gorgeous!)

So the other day I was out grocery shopping with my dad, and I wandered into the beauty section as I am wont to do (I can't help it! I'm weak! And there was a sale on Herbal Essences products! It's not my fault!) and picked up a bottle of Lycra Wear 10 by Rimmel London in 347 Tequila Sunrise. It happened to be the last one on the shelf (not surprising, as it's apparently part of last season's collection) and I decided to get it on a whim.

I just put it on yesterday (3 coats) and I'm sort of in like with it. It's just slightly less garish than a traffic cone, with a bit more red than yellow. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find the camera anywhere so I can't get a picture of it. In any case, it's the perfect Anderson Orange, so I know what I'll be wearing to football games come fall.

So, thoughts on the orange nail trend? I personally am opting for the less neon shades, or ones that have a bit more coral to them, since the yellow tints tend to make my Asian skin tone pasty-looking.

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justdpl said...

i sink yous should goes fors sneons sorange... thats what i would wear!