Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Confession Number Twenty-Five

I must confess...

...that in the aftermath of The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, I've had an ongoing craze with it. Justin can testify to this (along with Cori, because she is the Encourager). I saw it three times in the first two weeks it was out (once with Cori, once with Justin and Cori, and once with the bf), and I think they can all back me up when I say, "Dude, that movie wins."

Justin laughed so hard he started crying. True story.

I even wrote my own commentary for Cori as a late bday gift, which I'm thinking about posting on my personal blog and linking here.

So here are some icons and pictures to emphasiz how much I love this movie and everyone in it.

(credit: popcornfartv1, faerie_dance)

I've watched a ridiculous amount of interveiws with these actors. I approve of them.

HOWEVER, as much as I am fond of WilMos, Ben Barnes continues to baffle me. I mean, I thought he acted decently in the movie, despite his admittedly mockable hair, dress/gauchos ensemble, and attempt at a Spanish accent. But then I saw this picture (along with commentary from char):

I mean, really. What the hell is he doing? Chicken dance? The Charleston? The other four are looking at him like, DUDE, WTH? WE'RE TRYING TO POSE FOR PICTURES. (Anna: "God, I can't believe I had to kiss that. Oh, and lookit my pretty dress.")

But I've already argued this point too much. So, moving on.

You know what ELSE I approve of? (to a much higher degree, of course.)

Skandar Keynes.

Seriously, I can't even get over how much I love this boy. I mean, I have never been so awed by the power of puberty. Three years, and he changes from the little whiny kid that we all wanted to stab to this:

(credit: embergirl, princofwhales, citadel_icons)

I mean, seriously gaiz. Srsly.

And last, and probably the best, is a fun little graphic that I picked up from soraki, whom I was chattin' with earlier.

She = WIN.

So yeah. That's what I've been doing. ;D
(and yeah, I spend way too much time on livejournal.)


justdpl said...

you forgot to mention how skandra is an utter FAILURE throughout the movie. how, during the initial invasion, he just stands on top of a tower waving a flashlight in the air, and still managing to give mixed signals to his fellow warriors. somehow, even after hearing your rants about this movie in person, i am amazed as to how much you have read-up on / watched the people (particularly men) in this movie.

Dee said...

Yes, he was utterly FAIL in the invasion. But somehow he's still the coolest one. (For me, and a whole lot of other people - mostly women - from what I've seen)

and yes, I watched a bunch of interviews and stuff on youtube, mostly out of boredom and curiousity.

And WilMos is awesome, no one can deny it. :P (BB? not as much...?)

Anonymous said...

............wow dee........guess who......and ur not the only 1 good at spotting awesome fails!

Cori (The Enabler) said...

I think that Skandar redeems his fail from the beginning with the two-sword B.A.-ness in the other battle. Also, the killing of the White Witch Wall'o'Ice was cool.

WilMos is my favorite though, even if his character is mostly egotistical and moody until the end. He's both ridiculously good looking and cool, I mean, he does his own stunts, apparently. :)

justdpl said...

delia, im glad to see you changed your icon back to normal

Dee said...

what, my TEAM SKANDAR icon? because it's beast, so don't even. :P