Thursday, June 5, 2008

Confession Number Twenty-Seven

I must confess...

... that I love Google.

What a wonderful company! I absolutely love almost all of their services. From their email to their phone search service.

I do have a gmail account that I use regularly and I love typing in to find my personalized google webpage. (I sound like I am being payed to endorse this company.) By simply typing in a few words, I can find exactly what I'm looking for. It's so fantastic.

I also love to use their calendar service. It helps me to stay organized. And the fact that I can print it out and carry it with me to scheduling-related events just makes me feel warm inside. Google Docs can also be a big help when you need to save a document on one computer and then print it out on a different one. You can even open documents sent through email in Google Docs. It automatically transfers them into Google Docs if you tell it too and you can simply read the document online, even if you don't have Word.

Google Maps can be a savior to me sometimes. If I need to know what the roads actually look like and how houses are set up, I can quickly hit Satellite View and it will show me a zoomed in shot of the roads and buildings around them. And Google Earth is just plain amazing!

Google Translate is also a quick and easy way that I can translate some Spanish words that I'm not familiar with.

And the fact that Google owns YouTube just makes my heart flutter. Oh, and you would not be able to read this blog if there was no Google because Google owns Blogger.

Right this minute, Google is creating even more magnificent features and products. Their Android coding service just makes my intestines giggle (that's a good thing!). And I can't wait to see what Google has in store for them.

(I feel like this blog just reaffirms why I am an Internet Whore)


Dee said...

haha, you're so crazy. i have to admit, I adore google as well; it's basically the best thing ever. they'll probably take over the world, and i'll happily oblige.

justdpl said...


Cori said...


Just so you know. :)

Dee said...

I just read this again and I have to say, I cannot believe you spoke of intestines giggling. I find that both disturbing and endearing, which I think is your appeal. :)