Saturday, April 18, 2009

Confession Number Sixty-Three

I must confess...

... that we fail at keeping this blog update.

We have had no time in the past two-three months because we have been very involved with our school's musicals and with schoolwork itself.

Now for a real confession...

I must confess...

...that I LOVE Adam Lambert! His vocal ability is unbelievable.

Delia can attest for this because one day after school I was listening to his version of Mad World while having a musical orgasm because he is so amazing. I kept shouting, "HE HAS NO BREAKS!" (Yes. I am very aware that I am a music nerd. I get it.) He has no trouble going through his breaks and he has such amazing control over his voice. The past two weeks that I have watched him, my jaw has just fallen to the ground. Both times my mouth hung wide open. I can't get over how amazing his vocal abilities are. In Mad World he sings a C. A C! How many guys do you know that can sing a C like he does? I know 0. (And yes, I went to my keyboard and figured out what note he sang. NERD!)

You should just know that I think Adam Lambert is amazing. He may not appeal to the masses, but he sure is the best singer on that show. He has set a new bar that is not surpassed by any of the other contestants, vocally. And I am sure that Delia agrees 100% with me.

Here is a link to his performance of Mad World.