Thursday, January 1, 2009

Confession Number Sixty-One

I must confess...

... that I have done absolutely no homework since this Christmas Break has started. I have no desire to even open a book. I hope that this doesn't mean I will be doing loads of homework the Saturday and Sunday before I return to school.

I did do some work today. I worked on my lines and songs for the musical I'm a part of in February. Besides that, I've done nothing....

Okay. I admit it. I did do SOME other homework on December 26 when I was bored at my grandma's house. But it was only about a page of reading in my history book (which I was supposed to have done the week before break started :-P ).

I hate even thinking about homework right now.

Would you like a list of things I have to do? No? Well, I don't care! Here ya go:
  • Edit a short movie for English class
  • Read over 20 pages of European History and take notes
  • Do Physics problems (I can't even find my book/binder to know how many)
  • Work on a Physics project about biodiesel (which is totally going to fall apart with all of the rehearsals in the next month)
  • Memorize L'Ultima Canozone & work on If With All You Hearts if I make it past the first round of this contest
  • Memorize Act 1 by Friday 1/9/09 (<-- i said 09!)
  • Rehearsals everyday pretty much
  • Hang Out with friends :-)

You know what? I think that's enough. I don't want to know what else I have to do.

I want to bite someone.

1 comment:

dee said...

i will gladly bite them with you.

oh, next week is going to be killer. D: