Saturday, October 11, 2008

Confession Number Fifty-Four

I must confess...

that I have been insanely busy for the past two months and I would like to apologize for not keeping this blog up-to-date.

Delia and I started school at the end of August and we have been so very busy. Our classes are pretty hard this year. We are Juniors so this year is very important for colleges. We've been trying to adjust to our new teachers and we are finally getting a hang of it.

Also, our life in the theatre has been demanding. I am the Assistant Stage Manager for our first show, which will be showing soon and I am the Film Designer for our second show. Delia is the Set Designer for the first show and Co-Set Designer for the second (?).

Fulfilling two jobs for two different shows that are happening at the same time is very taxing. I have had two 14 hour days so far (School at 7 and show stuff until 9). Delia also had a 14 hour day recently.

Now, I bet I sound like I am complaining. But I am not. I am absolutely loving it! Being able to help out and design things is wonderful. And we are always having fun with each other, even on the bad days. Sure, we may be lacking in sleep, but that just makes it all the more fun when you get slap happy.

Today I designed a commercial for our first show (even though I'm ASM for it) and I completely loved the final product. I felt so professional and I am even tempted to send it to a local news station.

Also, designing the film aspects of our second show has been such a great new experience. Filming on location and deciding all of the shots and scenes has been awesome! I haven't started editing the videos yet because I am so occupied with our first show. It's going to be awesome!

Well, I guess that's it for now...

Delia, any comments?

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dee said...

Yeah, I've had a couple 14 hour days, but now tech is over! Now it's show week, which is like a vacuum that takes away all your free time and fills it with never-ending drama!

The other day I came out of the theater and into the sunlight and had to blink frantically for about ten minutes because we'd been in a darkened auditorium for nine hours! I felt like a vampire. :D

I love the stress of it, kind of. It's exhausting and frustrating but it's also incredibly fun.