Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Confession Number Twenty-Three

I must confess...

... that I am an Intenet Whore. Yes, a WHORE!

But I have no reason to be scared, for I am not alone!

My good friend and blogging partner Delia is also an Internet Whore!

Collectively, Delia and I have come up with the qualifications for being an Internet Whore. They are as follows:

  • You have a facebook and actively check it every day
  • You have a myspace with at least 100 friends
  • You have a youtube account that you use to comment on or add videos
  • You have a blog that is updated at least once a month
  • You have some sort of Instant Messaging program (Facebook IM doesn't count)

If all of these apply to you, you are an Internet Whore! Don't be ashamed - be proud of this daring task you have accomplished. Not only do you have no life, but you have wasted your time on a mega network that people travel daily using google. (I love google! - Oh! That should be another qualification - a favorite search engine.)

But once you've joined the League of Internet Whores, you can yell at your league friends. "BOO YOU WHORE!" I have already done it to Delia. Plus, it is a Mean Girls reference!


Dee said...


Ebaums Legal said...

I heard you have been disobeying our terms of agreement. We would also like to warn you that we will be in contact with you shortly on the matters of the silo door incident. We will be having another safety seminar on proper missile safety so another accident of this kind can be avoided. We wouldn't want another fatality due to careless maintenance and lack of communication during a test launch.

Blogspot Moderator said...

Delia Su, your recent accusations against yourself are quite inappropriate and unethical. Your slanderous nature has earned you a year long exile from this great website. If your blog is not deleted within the next 12 hours your ip address will be permanently banned and your base of operations destroyed. The Blogspot Moderation Team bids you good day and hopes your next life is more prosperous than the one you are about to lose.